What Makes The Ideal Timber Log Store?

timber log store

What Makes The Ideal Timber Log Store?

What timber log store is the best for your needs? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are looking for a storage solution for their logs. There are many different factors to consider when choosing a wooden log store, such as size, type of wood, and climate. In this blog post, we will discuss the different features that make the ideal timber log store.

Why are log stores important in the UK?

Log stores play a very important role in the UK as they provide a dry, protected, and convenient place for people to store seasoned firewood. The UK climate has lot of rainfall and buying in logs for woodburners and open fires in quantities that make economic sense means that a log store is an essential garden storage space. Additionally, when your timber log store is not full to the top it can also be used to store other items such as garden tools, thereby making more room in the shed. Using a purpose-built timber log store is far more robust, durable, and weather resistant than, for example, trying to store logs under a tarpaulin.

Lowering heating costs

In the current economic climate, nobody knows just how much gas and electric prices will rise by. Having a wood burning stove, buying and storing logs in a wooden log store is a way to add some certainty to the months ahead in terms of costs.

Elements of quality timber log store

Some of the features that make our timber log stores so special include:

  • Construction quality pressure treated timber for longer service life.
  • Corrugated black roof sheets.
  • Roof underlined with OSB / plywood thereby making it stronger and giving the logs greater protection.
  • Treated cladding making it durable and more resistant to the weather, rotting, insect attack, and more.
  • Supplied fully assembled, thereby saving time and work.
  • The option of having vented or solid clad walls.

timber log store

Why log stores work better than keeping logs fully covered

Timber log stores work better than keeping logs fully covered because they allow for air circulation. This enables logs to dry out properly, thereby maximising their heat output. In short, buying a good quality timber log store is a way to prevent wasting money buying logs that won’t burn properly or provide the heat that you bought them for.

Timber log stores

Pressure treated timber log stores

One of the benefits of pressure treated timber is that it is resistant to rot and decay. This makes it a great choice for outdoor projects and structures, such as log stores, decks, fences, and garden buildings. Pressure treated timber is also resistant to pests, making it a good option for projects that will be in contact with the ground or other areas where pests are likely to occur.

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