Timber Field Shelters: How To Protect Your Animals Or Equipment From The Elements

Timber Field Shelters: How To Protect Your Animals Or Equipment From The Elements

If you’re in an agricultural or equestrian occupation, you’re always looking for ways to protect what you have, and to save money. As a supplier of timber shelters in Somerset, we know they are a strong and cost effective way doing this by protecting your animals or expensive equipment from the elements. A timber field shelter can do the job well! In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using a timber field shelter and how it can protect your animals or equipment from rain, snow, and wind.

The many uses of a timber field shelter

Timber field shelters are a versatile and practical addition to any farm or acreage. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including housing livestock, storing hay and equipment, and providing shelter from the elements. If you’re looking for timber field shelters south west, you’re likely to know that they’re an attractive option, blending in seamlessly with their surroundings. Whether you’re looking for a permanent or temporary solution, wooden field shelters are an excellent choice. Their strong construction and durability make them ideal for protecting your property and livestock from the worst Mother Nature has to offer. With so many uses, it’s no wonder that timber field shelters are a popular choice for so many farmers.

Timber Field Shelter

The benefits of timber field shelters

Timber field shelters offer a number of advantages over their metal counterparts. For one, they are much better at insulating against both heat and cold, making them more comfortable for animals to use. They are also eco-friendly, as they are made from renewable resources. In addition, timber field shelters blend in better with their surroundings, making them more aesthetically pleasing. Finally, timber field shelters are less likely to rust or corrode, meaning they will last longer. As a result, timber field shelters are a wise investment for any farmer or landowner.

Why use pressure treated, sustainably sourced timber?

Pressure treated timber is a type of wood that has been treated with chemicals to protect it from rot, insect damage, and fungal decay. Sustainably sourced timber is wood that has been sourced from forests that are managed in a way that protects the environment and the rights of workers. Timber field shelters for animals are structures built from pressure treated, sustainably sourced timber that are used to protect animals from the elements. Pressure treated , sustainably sourced timber is an excellent choice for use in timber field shelters because it is durable and eco-friendly. The pressure treatment process ensures that the wood will withstand the rigors of outdoor use, while the sustainable sourcing guarantees that the timber has been harvested in a way that minimizes impact on the environment. When you build a timber field shelter from pressure treated, sustainably sourced timber, you can be confident that you are using a material that will stand the test of time and help to protect our planet.

Timber Field Shelter

Mobile field shelters with mono pitch or apex roofs

We supply mobile field shelters with mono pitch roofs, or apex roof field shelters. There are many reasons why timber field shelters with an apex or mono pitch roof are the best choice for a shelter. Firstly, the single sloping roof is often easier to build. Secondly, the apex roof field shelter design means that there is more headroom inside the shelter, making it more comfortable for both humans and animals. Finally, the mono pitch roof field shelter helps to shed water and snow more effectively, making the shelter a good weatherproof option. Overall, timber field shelters with an apex or mono pitch roof are a practical and cost-effective choice for a wide range of applications.

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