Timber Building Finishes: What Options are Available?

Waney Edge Timber External Finish

Timber Building Finishes: What Options are Available?

Timber buildings can be finished in a range of ways, depending on your requirements. Here we will take a look at the different cladding finishes available, and what each one offers. As a leading south west timber buildings manufacturer, we are often asked about the different wood cladding finishes our timber buildings can have – so this post is perfect for anyone considering a timber building for their next project!

Types of internal and external timber cladding finishes available for timber buildings are:


– Shiplap Finish For Timber Buildings / Structures

Shiplap is a type of internal or external finish for timber buildings. It is a type of cladding in which the boards are laid horizontally with a space between each one, and then fixed to the frame of the building. This creates a weather-resistant seal which keeps out wind and rain.

Shiplap Finish

– Waney Edge

Waney edge is a type of finish or cladding for timber buildings that gives the appearance of being unfinished. The wood is allowed to grow in a natural way, with the edges of the boards left rough and uneven. This type of finish is popular because it is easier to install than other types of finishes, and it also allows the wood to breathe, which is important for preserving the quality of the timber.

– Feather Edge 6″ , 8″

Feather edge is a type of external timber finish that gives a clean, professional look to a building. It is created by cutting the edges of timber boards at an angle, so that they overlap slightly. This creates a smooth, uniform finish that is pleasing to the eye. Feather edge is often used on buildings that are made from timber, as it helps to show off the natural beauty of the wood. It is also a very durable finish, and can withstand weathering and wear and tear.

– Timber Stockwalling

Timber stockwalling is a type of internal or external finish that is made from timber boards that are lapped, closed or spaced. It can be used on timber buildings and gives a rustic or traditional look to the building. Our timber stockwalling slots together with tongue-and-groove to make it strong and easy to build.

timber stockwalling

– Open Board TGV, 6″ x 1″ Boards – lapped, closed, spaced

Open Board TGV is a type of timber cladding for buildings that consists of 6″ x 1″ boards that are lapped, closed, and spaced. This type of cladding is ideal for use on timber buildings because it provides a weather-resistant and decorative finish. Additionally, Open Board TGV is easy to install and can be used on both new construction and renovation projects.

– Twin T&G Boards

– 1/2 lapped boards

Lapped boards are a type of external finish that can be used on timber buildings. They are made up of 1/2 inch thick boards that are lapped (overlapped) by 3/8 inch, which creates a weather-resistant seal. This type of finish is common in Scandinavia and other cold-weather countries, as it helps to keep the building warm and protected from the elements.

– Steel sheets


Internal timber building cladding options include:

– Plywood – 9, 12, + 18mm

– OSB – 11 + 18mm

OSB, or oriented strand board, is a man-made building material made from wood strands that are arranged in layers and glued together. It is an efficient and affordable alternative to plywood and is often used for roofing, flooring, and wall sheathing. OSB is moisture-resistant and can be used in areas that may be exposed to water or moisture.

– 6″ x 1″ boards

– 1/2 lapped boards

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