Timber Agricultural Buildings: Portal Frame vs. Mono Pitch

mono pitch timber building

Timber Agricultural Buildings: Portal Frame vs. Mono Pitch

When it comes to timber agricultural buildings, there are several types of structures. In this article we focus purely on portal frame timber buildings and mono pitch timber buildings. Although they are quite different, we take a closer look at each type of building and compare their features side-by-side. We’ll also discuss why, as a leading Somerset timber agricultural buildings supplier, we think that timber is the best material for constructing these types of agricultural buildings.

Portal Frame Timber Agricultural Buildings

Portal frames are one of the most common type of agricultural building. They are made up of transverse frames or rafters that are connected together at the top by a longways central beam. This makes the building very strong and able to stand up to all kinds of weather. There are many different types/designs of portal fame buildings e.g., single, double, or multi-span. The rafters rest on either side of an opening, which is typically used for access or ventilation. Portal frames are often used for storage barns, crop shelters, and livestock housing. Our timber portal frame buildings are manufactured using the highest quality sustainable materials, and our team can provide design assistance and expertise throughout the duration of your agricultural building project.

portal frame timber building

Mono Pitch Timber Buildings

As the name suggests, mono pitch agricultural buildings have a single sloped roof that typically slopes down. These types of timber agricultural buildings can be used for smaller applications such as tool sheds, garden sheds, and chicken coops. Our mono pitch timber agricultural buildings are delivered to customers in kit form and are manufactured using pressure treated and sustainably sourced timber and fully galvanised fixings. You can find out more here about mono pitch building options.

mono pitch timber building

Why Timber For Agricultural Buildings?

We are, of course, a Somerset timber buildings supplier, but there are some very good reasons why we think you’ll agree that timber is the best material for constructing agricultural buildings. First, timber is a renewable resource, which means it can be replanted and regrown once it has been harvested. Second, timber is strong and durable, yet lightweight enough to be easily transported and assembled on-site. Finally, timber is an excellent insulator, keeping your building warm in winter and cool in summer. Timber is also a flexible material to work with, fits in well with the landscape, and timber buildings, such as those in kit form can be put up more quickly than structures made from other heavier, more bulky materials such as steel and brick.

Timber Agricultural Buildings – Mono Pitch And Portal Frame

Portal frame and mono pitch are the two main types of agricultural buildings. Timber is the best material for constructing these types of buildings because it is renewable, strong, lightweight, and an excellent insulator. If you’re thinking about adding an agricultural building to your property, talk to us about the options. We deliver results you won’t be disappointed with and timber buildings that stand the test of time.

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