Ideas for your horse stable

Ensuring your horses are well looked after is one of the most important things a horse owner faces. Horse stables play an integral part in caring for a horse. So how can you get the most out of your horse stables? Regardless of whether you build stables on your own land, or take your horse to a private stable, this guide is designed to help you understand what you should be looking out for.

How can you get the most out of your horse stables?


A key component in how efficient your horse stables are, is the size. Horses are big animals and thus need big areas to live and sleep. Small stables will only result in problems for you and your horse.

You may also want to think about the future and whether you need stables that will be adequate for more horses down the line.


Stables boredom is a common problem amongst horses. This can lead to other problems like cribbing. This is something you want to resolve otherwise it can cause significant damage to your stables. As a result, you want to install stables that provide brain stimulation and space for the horse to move around. The living area for the horse should allow the horse to make lateral movements. If this isn’t possible, this area is probably too small for the horse.

Having separate areas for bathing/grooming is also a big advantage. This will mean the stables need to be bigger, but it means you can wash and groom the horse very easily, without needing to change the bedding. It is also good for the horse to associate different areas with different activities. Using the horse’s bedding area to play games, groom and wash may confuse the horse.

Bathing/Grooming space

For the bathing/grooming area, you want to create a space that is easily accessible and provides adequate space around the horse. You’ll want a reliable water source nearby and material that is easy to wash down.

Feed room

A feed room should be well organized, clean and tidy. Feed rooms can get quite humid so try to create ventilation (natural or artificial) to keep humidity down. Over time, the accessibility of your feed room and the convenience will determine how efficient it is for you.

It’s also useful to keep a refrigerator in there to store medication.

Location and Layout

The location and layout of your stables is important for how accessible it is to you. The perfect stables are easy to access and have a logical and clear layout. This also means that if the amount of horses increases, it’s a lot easier to manage and stay on top of things.

The stables should be located next to a large area of land designated for riding/grazing. You want to be able to let your horses out to run around as easily as possible. Having this next to the stables is a big advantage.

A key component to a good horse stables layout is the flow of natural air and light. Stables can get humid so having a natural supply of air will help keep the stables feeling fresh.


Stables can also sometimes feel very dark. It’s a lot better to try and create natural light where possible, rather than just installing lightening. Utilizing big skylights can help create an instant flow of natural light.

You’ll also want to consider how the location of the horse stables changes throughout the year. An area may seem like the perfect fit for your stables in summer, but if that area is prone to flooding in winter then you’ll want to reconsider. This also ties in with having stables that reflects the local environment. Stables designed for England will be different from one designed to withstand the cold artic winters in Canada. Having stables that are suited and designed for the local climate and environment will ensure your horses are happy and comfortable.

Tack Room/ Equipment

The tack room (equipment storage) is a room worth investing in. Having a space that helps organize and categorise all your equipment, from saddles to brooms, is a big advantage.

Being organised from day one means that if you increase the amount of horses at the stables, you can cope with these additional demands a lot easier.


Installing Horse Stables

Horse stables can come in many shapes and sizes, but providing they offer a big space for your horses, have a logical layout and location, and provide room for equipment and storage, your stables will make looking after horses a lot easier.

For help in designing stables unique for your land, enquire today for a chat about how we can maximise your space and create stables that will provide everything you need.

October 27th, 2016|